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Chicken Biscuit Pot Pie


Watched the most recent episode of Good Eats and at the end the Chicken Biscuit Pot Pie Alton made looked delicious. After the show was over and we looked at each other and communicated via brain talk that we would be eating that. Headed to our new secret Russeses and got some supplies. They did not have chicken sausage, but they had turkey and I grabbed it. I asked an older gentleman if vitamin A milk is whole milk, he thought it prob was, but prarieland sold whole milk so I was good. Then I spoke with 3 older ladies about aluminum free baking powder, none of them knew what it was and Russeses did not have it. Seems some folkk do not like the aluminum being in there for safety reasons, but it does not make a difference while baking.


We had roasted a chicken the day before and the recipe was pretty simple. Sage cost a lot, but I think it helped or something. We did not use the thyme. We are just not fans of thyme.


We only used 1/2 of the pound of the turkey sausage.


When we added the liquid I started getting scared. It seemed like there was way too much liquid, but kept going.


After the chicken was in there and it was pretty thick I was feeling confident.


Shredding frozen butter is just odd.

It came out so good. Oh man. It was enough to feed 6 people, but it was amazing. We liked it so much we decided we need to work it into our meal rotation. We do not need to make such a huge amount of it though. We also figure we do not need to bake the biscuits in the pan of goop. Tonight we will be making the biscuits again, but on their own in the oven, with a bit of granulated garlic added to the mix, and coated with some butter.

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