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chicken and tomato pasta


Trying to test out a few new dishes and looking to keep it on the lighter side. Saw some recipes for a chicken with tomatoes and other veg and decided to tweak it a bit. Theresa stopped at the store and I forgot to have her pick up a tomato so I put on the boots and headed out to the spooky garden. Fought through the weeds and found some tomatoes and a bunch of ready to go cayenne peppers. Awesome. Had to take a shower after though.

Asked on the forum for some ideas and got a lot of help.



Blanched the tomatoes to get the skins off, scooped out the seeds and goop, diced, and quartered the cherry tomatoes.


Seasoned some flour to dredge the chicken chunks in.


browned in some butter and olive oil.



Cut some garlic slices, added tomatoes, some olive oil, and some riesling to add some sweetness.


Added the chicken and pasta in and dished it up with some cheese sprinkled on top. Was a bit oily, which kinda made it not as healthy as I planned. We both thought it needed more of something, but not sure what. Was darn tasty though.

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