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chicken and chillies came out awesome


Nailed this first attempt. We were both pleasantly surprised.
Chicken and chillies was a special every now and then at Crane River. From what we could remember it was a creamy sauce with chillies and onions in it over some sort of chicken on top of rice. We took that idea and tried to work it. I asked about the chillies on the forum. Got some great answers, but an email to the guy who prob invented the dish sealed the deal. “canned, diced green chillies” That was all I got out of him, but it made the difference.

the left is diced, the right chopped, both green chillies. I chose to go with the generic on the left cuz it said diced. We all know it is the same thing inside, but the label is different.

I made up a roux. I did not get pics of it, but I made up a bunch and put it in a cup so I could thicken the sauce later.

Onions and garlic sautéed in clarified butter. If you have been paying attention that is the third time I have used real onion in food I make this week. Number of times onions have been used in food I make ever = maybe 5 including these 3.


Just throw the whole little can in there. They have hardly any heat and that little can might not have been enough for the right flavor actually.

lightly dredged the chicken bits in some flour, pepper, salt, and cayenne. Bit of olive oil and butter to cook them in.


some of that awesome fresh mozzarella to cheese it up a bit. This was a total guess. I remember the sauce being pretty thick and rich. The mildness of the cheese should help it get there nicely.

The cheese thickened it up a bunch. I panicked and added more milk. I could not bump up the heat or add more roux so I grabbed a dollop of sour cream to thicken it up a bit.

The first bite made me grin from ear to ear. The flavor was very familiar. Theresa loved this dish back at crane river, but it was a bunch of work for her. She tried to not eat the onions or chillies, it was the flavor of the sauce she loved.

It was a bit thin sauce wise. The extra milk at the end caused that. I would maybe use more sour cream or a bit of half and half or heavy whipping cream to kick the sauce up a bit. Also add another 1/2 can of chillies. We simply cannot wait to try this again.


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