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netflix on the wii works awesome

Got this last week and tried it out over the weekend. Our TV has a netflix player built in, but the wii one is better because you can browse through movies in it and add to your watch instantly queue / play them. Fancy.

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ooooooooo yoshi

looks like I am going to take a month off of life May 23rd when Super Mario Galaxy 2 comes out

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Finally: muscle march out on wiiware

I simply had to get it. 500 wiiware points ($5) I had to do a system update to be able to access the wiiware store. I was afraid it would mess up my loader, but had to get the game. It did mess up my loader and I spent two days getting it set back […]

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vid above is a Pulp Mario mix. Currently in the 2nd world and beat the first castle there so I can keep going. Game is crazy hard. i agree with folks who complain that it is lame you cannot use the classic controller. The wiimote sideways tears up your thumb and is not all that […]

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new Super Mario is cool

^yeah not the new game, but it shreddddddds^ We rented the new Super Mario Wii last night and it is a hoot. Pretty darn tough, and the multiplayer makes it a bit hard. Still very worth picking up if you ask me. We have only made it to 1-4 so far.

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wii: rabbids go home

Theresa is loving this game and I have been laughing my butt off. This is the 4th rabbid game and this one is not a party game like the others. This is a destroy everything while racing around. The rabbids think the moon is their home and make a plan to collect crap and build […]

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a boy and his blob

More A Boy and His Blob Info For the wii. Looks awesome

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