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check out my new ride

My buddy Dan made me jealous with his sweet BMX so I busted mine out and had the Monkey Wrench fix it up for me. About 10 years ago I bought this from a guy who worked at Scheels, had a friend powder coat it, then got the brake working and it was good to […]

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The basket is huge, but that means it can hold a bunch of stuff. The ride to the farmers market was a blast. We forgot the lock so I zipped home and grabbed it. For the ride out to the fireworks at Oak Lake tonight we got her a nifty light which I needed to […]

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That new bike smell

Theresa surprised me yesterday. She wanted to get a new bike so we could ride together more often. I really like biking and I picked her up a vintage schwin many years ago. She just really did not like the bike. It was old, heavy, and even the crank was bent so it rode strange. […]

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I am deathly afraid to learn to wheelie. First being clipped in is spooky and the back of my head has fused.

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This is going to be pretty awesome. Swap meet starts at 10 AM, bands at 5 PM. Facebook page

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VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo. A repost, but sent in by Jennifer and is insane. Thanks

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That is actually pretty cool. And it comes with 15 custom stickers turbospoke Thanks Steven

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cycling sucks

Thanks Geeky

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