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PC pinball has come a long way

I have been messing around with visual pinball and future pinball for about a year now. Some of the recreations and originals are so perfect that I swear they just took pictures. Most use the actual ROMs from the pinball machines so everything works exactly like the real ones. In the pic above I am […]

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The past week + I have been doing some work on my Baby Pacman machine I was scared to even attempt. Here is the thread where I am seeking help. It is insane in many ways. All the help folks are providing and how cool it is that I am soldering on my own boards […]

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Baby Pacman is 100% now

I picked up Baby Pacman around 8 months ago. It has had a few little issues, but always was playable. A tried to get all the under plastic lights working a couple weeks after getting it. Asked for help on the KLOV forums and had a plan. That plan was to learn how to work […]

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Cool way to clean playfield inserts. I headed down to try it out on Bride of Pinbot and it worked too good. I almost need sunnies to play. Jeri Ellsworth is awesome. She put the Comedore 64 on a chip and owns more than 60 machines. Her videos are awesome. Her site And a vid […]

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Pinball Phil of Arcades at home will be in Lincoln this weekend if anyone is looking for repairs to their machines. He will be stopping by my place to fix some hack job a previous owner did to my Bride. You can contact him via his site.

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Tiny Cocktail Arcades

It is sooooo cute. More info at gizmodo and you can buy the 6 button one on ebay

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Thanks Basil. Them some mighty fine machines. Nice to have folks send me pinball pics.

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finally got all the little bits

Still not all that close to being done. Baby steps.

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