caramel bugles are awesome


My friend Heather mentioned how awesome Bugles were. I mentioned that they go stale after being exposed to air for more than 30 seconds. She said they do not do that anymore and I should give them another shot. I put it on the list and Theresa grabbed some regular and caramel bugles. I finished off the regular ones in about 2 weeks and was sad when they were gone. I figured the caramel ones were for her, but I opened them up and nomed a handfull. I started to get all light headed and hearing twinkling. I grabbed some more and when I opened my mouth and a rainbow shot out of my mouth. I closed my mouth to keep the rainbow in, but then it started leaking out my ears. They are that good. I almost downed the whole sack last night. I just could not stop. So sweet and salty. Thunky was interested in them too. Give them a try sometime.

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