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Capitol heating and cooling are good

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For about 2 months the fan on our furnace would not shut off. It drove me absolutely bonkers. First it was wintery and it would circulate the cooler air and that was lame. The vent in our bathroom is the most powerful one in the house and it made showers and potty time unpleasant. Our house is 105 years old and the baseboard registers are messed up so we cannot close them. At night I would just lie awake and twitch hearing the fan run constantly. The only way to get it to stop was to smack the box with the brain on the furnace which would release the relay. I fiddled with the furnace a bunch and found out that you cannot just go buy furnace parts here in Lincoln. I could find some online, but I was not exactly sure what was wrong and would of wasted money.

After taking care of more important things we finally had some money to spend on fixing it. I heard good things about Capitol heating and air conditioning and gave them a call. 10 minutes later they were at my front door. And 20 minutes later they were done and out the door. They said they would send me a bill and we got it yesterday. The board they replaced was cheaper than what I could find online and the service call charge covered the labor. Completely impressed by them and will use them for any future needs. It was really nice to stand in my house and not hear the fan running. I swore I heard a mouse fart.

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