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can we please just call it Tradescantia zebrina

Tradescantia zebrina, wandering jew

Man it is one of my most favorite plants, and I have a bunch, but calling it wandering jew is….. well uncomfortable. It is Tradescantia zebrina. To call it a weed is an understatement. All of this overtaking my yard came from two 4 inch plastic containers from Urban Trail gardens. About $5.

It grows like kudzu and treads lightly. It has roots that need not even be near the soil to dig in deep. Every node tries to get water. If you have it as a houseplant it will invade any dirt near in days. You only need a small leaf and a node and you can get it to grow right away. We just kept pinching off little sections and poking our finger between the wood chips and stuck it in there. Not a single slip died or wilted, just took off. It is unbelievably beautiful with the deep purple, shiny silver, and green. The stalks look like something from the Amazon.

They suck up sun like crazy. The east side gets the most sun and you can almost hear it grow. We are now to the point of trying to keep it contained and away from choking off our other plants.

I can hardly explain how cool this plant is to me. It was the second house plant I ever had. I was just amazed by how dense I could make it and its thrive to propagate. Having a huge area of my yard dedicated to it makes me smile every time I am in front of my house. Some day my entire yard will be Tradescantia zebrina. And I will get to yell at the damn neighbor kids “hey stay off my Tradescantia zebrina” while shaking my fist.

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