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Can I get a shout out for all the awesome as heck paving of new streets going on in Lincoln…..


^ fixing the tore up side lane west of the capitol ^ (was pot holed to heck)

It is seriously the most amazing year of paving I have ever seen. I travel areas of Lincoln that I have not been on for the longest time and see sweet as hell fresh black asphalt all over. It seems that the folks who lay down the paint strips are so understaffed because for weeks we just get sticky things to keep us in lanes.

The downtown paving has been insane and so beautiful. In our bathroom I have a sweet pic from Steve Andel of a storm coming in with the new black streets. Love it. Maybe there was a grant or some crap, but it seems like we are being spoiled. I look the stuff online and find little info, but daily see insanely awesome repairs going on during my 1 mile commute. Thanks Lincoln and darn I can already tell if we get a wicked winter it will be so much more manageable.

I fricking love living here in this fine town. Viva La Lincoln!!!!!!!!!

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