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Cajun Chicken Alfredo


Being lazy on a sunday we pretty much just watched the food channel all day. There was a show on how Guy Firedi and they showed one of his signature dishes and it looked so good. We started talking about dinner and I wanted to try something new. We both said this dish. (Theresa you owe me a coke) Cajun Chicken Alfredo is money, off the hook, and winner winner chicken dinner.


I was a little worried about putting too much spice on the chicken, so I went light on the cayenne and then added granulated garlic, paprika, salt, black pepper, and Penzey’s cajun seasoning. Instead of usinf a cast iron pan I cooked it in the pan I was going to build the sauce with so I could get all the flavorful fond in the sauce.


Almost burnt it, but in the end it did not matter. Pulled the chicken out and sliced it into chunks.


Threw some garlic and the sun dried tomatoes in for a minute and then deglazed with some white wine.

Added heavy whipping cream and the chicken chunks. Once it had reduced down to a nice sauce mixed in parm cheese and we poured it over some pene pasta.


Threw some more cheese on top and some diced tomatoes for garnish. It was delicious. Not exactly a healthy meal, but amazing. If I was going to try this without seeing how Guy did it, I would of made a bechemel for the sauce. This one was really easy and fast too. nom

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