bunnies, of the dust variety

some good friends of ours called saying they had some computer problems. “It shuts itself off”. So I went over there and took a look. Could not get it to shut down for me. “I fixeded it” I proudly proclaimed knowing I would get a call the next day. Sure enough I got the call. From her splainin I figured her power supply was going bad. She headed to DIT and picked up a cheap PS and some more ram, I headed over to put them in. See all better………………… doh.

oh man I hope it is not the motherboard, please do not be the motherboard. Opened the case up and felt the CPU heatsink, sssssssssss….. The fan and heatsink were filled with bunnies. Cleaned them out and all is better. Unfortunately they had to waste some $ on a new power supply, but the RAM made a huge difference.

Blow the bunnies is the moral of the story.

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