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BuckyBalls are insanely addictive

Picked up a set of BuckyBalls in Chicago and played around in the hotel. 216 extremely strong magnet balls that can do all sorts of cool shapes. The first night we just played with them making chains and after some youtube vids I finally got my cube back.

Got home sat eve and started playing around with making 3D polygon structures. Sunday I spent at least 3 hours over the day honing my skills. After a while you get used to the polarity of the balls and how they work. You need to make each block of shapes from the same end of the chain so it is at the right polarity. You can flip flat ones over, but non flat ones need to be flipped by breaking the bond and reversing it. Also blocks have strength that makes it easier to separate them from other blocks. I am still playing with them today. And just 216 of them is not enough.

Seems there are other companies that make the same thing that are higher quality and cost the same. Nanodots, neocube, buckyballs, zen magnets, and cybercube. Any of them seem decent though. Buckyballs are the most known.

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