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Breaded pork and skillet taters



We have been looking for new ways to do pork chops and a breaded version seemed cool. The skillet potatoes have shallots, bacon, red pepper, and were awesome. More pics below and some info.

I did not get pics of it, but I cut bacon into diced and cooked them first. It makes for an even cook and crisps up the bacon well. I took about 90% of the grease out with a paper towel and added some clarified butter and olive oil mix to coat the pan.


Diced some shallots and red bell pepper



Sauted the pepper for a minute and added the shallots. Mostly to get them soft, but they imparted a great flavor to the oil I will cook the potatoes in. Pulled the peppers and shallots and put in a ramekin.


A lot of flipping on medium heat browned the potatoes well.


Trimmed the fat from the chop and had a breading station. The final breading had parm cheese, crushed crackers, panko crumbs, and lots of seasoning.



Fried in clarified butter and olive oil. Finished in the toaster oven.

All of it was amazing. Those potatoes are right in our go to sides for sure. The breading was pretty awesome, but did not stick too well. I bet it was from the continued baking. Still great.

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