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Theresa helped me with some customizing of the new theme. I really like it. I pulled a few of the features out, but there are cool ones still left. What I like:

  • You can collapse posts and over in the upper right corner you can collapse all posts
  • in that same corner you can change font size
  • The sidebars can be collapsed by clicking on the title. So if you want to hide the ads you can 😉
  • Tabs up at the top take you to my other sites, submit, and messageboard
  • Removed a lot from the sidebar since the tabs are up top now
  • It is wider so I can post bigger vids and pics
  • Archive, RSS, and about are on the bottom now
  • I was able to reuse the banner I made years ago. I still have 4000 flyers with that logo on it

What still needs work and meh… changes:

  • Need to change link color so they stand out more
  • comment link is on top under the title of each post and not easy to see
  • Blockquotes are not working right now. Theresa going to help me fix it
  • The tag cloud is too long and not cloud like anymore. Need to fix that
  • lots of spacing around lines of text is odd

Now to get this theme over to MMF and some other stuff I have planned so it seems like all the sites are the same. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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