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bit of an adventure so far

So we headed out friday morning to do a bit more sight seeing and get on the road to vegas. Scott was having a bit of trouble with his truck. It would just die while on the freeway. Happened 4 times while we tied up loose ends trying to get out of town. The issue came up before a month back and he took it to a shop to diagnose the problem, but when the shop had the truck the issue did not appear. So going 80 MPH down insane freeways his truck would just die and we would have to cross many lanes of traffic to pull off on the shoulder and give it 5 minutes to chill and it would start back up.

I was going to continue on with the uhaul to get his stuff and myself back to Lincoln. The decision was made to see how far we could get since all his school stuff was in the uhaul and without it he would be hosed. Traffic in Cali is horrible, the truck died a few times and we just kept on going. Scott noticed the temp gauge would shoot up when it died. We filled the radiator up which was darn low and the rest of the trip to vegas was issue free. We really hope that was the fix cuz we have many more miles to go.

The uhaul (actually a Penzke) is the scarriest thing to drive at 80 MPH down mountians I have ever experienced. It is cram packed and drives like a tank. Every uneven bit of road makes the whole thing wobble in the scariest way. I am white knuckled scared shitless driving it. And the packed interstate 15 to vegas literally made me have panic attacks where my hands tingle and I breathe heavy. It is severely stressful. We are trying to take it pretty chill. the rest of the way. Bombing down twisty mountians is just too much for me to take.

I needed a break 40 miles out from vegas and we pulled over at Buffalo Bills and I freaked cuz I have wanted to ride the desperado roller coaster for so long. It was awesome. The tallest coaster I have ever ridden, but so rough. Made it into vegas and slummed around a bit. We gonna get some good sleep and hit the road hard tomorrow.


There is a hooters casino. Really small, but all the dealers and staff are hooters girls (well mostly)


In n out burger was pretty darn good. I went with “animal style” hold the onions and really enjoyed it. That is one tasty burger.


internets pretty crappy here and I have lots more pics to upload and stories to tell. Have a good weekend yall. Not much left but tons of miles for me.

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