birds, bees, and hamsters

I had a hamster when I was a wittle kid. her name was Marcy. She taught me so much. I had made this really cool lego structure that I could put her in her running around sphere on it and she could go to town. being a hamster she piddled in it and it got all over the lego’s. I forgot to clean it up and when taking it apart I used my teeth to pull a few parts apart. The dried piddle made it into my mouth and it really sucked.

Then one day I was playing with Marcy on my dad’s bed and she left a little blood on the mattress. I freaked and wanted to take her to the vet. My mom had to splain to me menstruation. Mind you I had just figured out that girls did not have weeeeeenurs a few months before. Girls are strange.

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