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Billy Browns

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I was really anxious to try this place, so we hit it last night after some shopping. It is quite a small place, but the decor is really nice. The kitchen is right out in full view just behind the bar. They did not have tap beer last night, but the lines and taps are currently being installed.

They are under the same ownership as 9 street chargrill and I noticed many similarities. Circular bacon, them seasoned waffle fries, loaded baked potatoes, and sammich selection. We were not terribly hungry and decided to split a burger and some mozzarella sticks.

The service was stallar as well as the presentation on the moz sticks. Using a 4 oz rocks glass for the sauce was a nice touch. Our server was also cooking on the line and making drinks.

Billy browns 4

I hate to be a negative nancy when covering a local food place. I know that they offer some really good stuff at both locations, but we ordered some stuff I should of known would not be too unique. The moz sticks are the same ones we get from sams, but I doubt a single place in town makes their own. A burger is just a burger, but I was thinking they would rock the burger. I am pretty sure it was a bought patty and not made there. it was not the highest quality beef and there was a fuel taste to the burger. It was not bad at all, but did not wow me too much. I figured the fries were from sysco at both locations, but they are still really good. I saw the bag they came from. The onion rings at both places are awesome and I figured they were home made, but I saw the box they came from. And it clicked in my head that parkway lanes uses the same. Oh well still good.

When we got home we watched some kitchen nightmares and saw a place that just used sysco type products and Gordon freaked. he made the place have special home made burgers and people absolutely praised how good they were. The burger was 1/2 pound at Billy Browns and it did not get finished between the both of us. BB’s could kick some major arse if they did something like that.

Both places offer really good food and you can get some really good and unique options if you choose them. i will make sure to choose those items and not just a burger next time.

UPDATED review here (sorta)

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