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been in windows for 3 days now

My itunes library was pretty messed up over the years. Some were in the apple format from years back and lots others ripped in linux. It was all messed up. Decided to clean it up and rip all my tracks in the highest quality mp3 format. Took me a bit to figure out the album art. There are sites that will take your song list and get the art for ya which is pretty cool.

I have two disk drives and was using both to rip songs. Some went quick and some took forever. Finally figured out my old DVD drive only read at 8X speed. Woops. Itunes would crash really hard every few hours making me reboot. Prob some swap file filling up or something.

Downloaded a bunch of apps, but have nothing to load them on to yet 🙁

My little linux geek honey bunny surprised me and got an 8 gb iphone as well. We are currently #36 and #37 in the wait line from the AT&T store.

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