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beard balming part 2

Beard Balm

I think I mentioned last time that a usual 2 oz beard balm goes for $20 these days. I picked pounds of stuff to make my own for about $20 and then spent some more on fragrances. Played around with some scents from The Perfumers Apprentice.

One scent was sandalwood. It was a tiny bottle and listed as a top note. It was so strong and I somehow soiled the stove / counter with it so bad that Theresa and I scrubbed the whole area for a couple days to kill the strong aroma. It was bad. That tiny vial now resides in the garage.

I was able to make such a great scent though. It is vanilla sugar, brown sugar, and tangerine oils. It is just so pleasing of a scent. I make the balm with:
2 parts beeswax
2 parts shea butter (first one was unrefined and stunk, found a refined one)
4 parts grapeseed oil

I picked up a bunch of those little tins. If anyone is interested in trying some let me know. I have more than I can ever use

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  • Steve · 11/13/2015 at 8:55 PM

    I probably won’t keep my beard after November, but if I do I might take you up on that. I still have rocket parts I never got around to dropping off.

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