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Bad Robot closing

Bad Robot

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Dear Fans of The Bad Robot:

If a robot could be heavy-hearted this one would be today, as I must regretfully announce that our little shop of robots will soon be closing it’s doors for good. Our last day of operation is scheduled to be Saturday, February 13.

Truthfully, we’re really not regretful, aside from the heart-felt wish that we could keep the old bag of bolts going. It’s had a pretty decent run over the past 3.25 years but you know technology—this particular robot is obsolete, and though we could certainly upgrade his biogenetic drivers and slap some more duct tape on him, we feel it’s the right thing to do to let him wander off into the sunset and retire himself to the scrap heap with dignity.

In all seriousness: we’ve really enjoyed it. We made some great new friends and had a lot of fun with the grand experiment of offering something different to the folks of Lincoln.

As some of you know, Dan, Dale and I have another shared business commitment that requires the lion’s share of our time and energy, and that’s more true than ever as we move into 2010. That is as much the impetus behind our decision as anything else.

Bad news, sure, but there’s some good news as well! I can’t say much at this point but rumor has it (it’s actually well beyond “rumor” stage) that there’s a successor to Bad Robot lined up for our store space, and we’re pleased to say that it sounds like a good thing for the Haymarket, and for Lincoln. I can also say that it involves wine. And that’s all I can say.

So, what are we doing from now until February 13? We’re inviting all of you down for one last shot at some wares and sundries, and to encourage you, we’ll be having a protracted Going Out of Business sale.
Starting this Friday (January 22) everything in the store is 50% off. Everything must go, as they say. Otherwise we’ll have to load it into a dump truck and force the Robot to drive it off of a cliff into a rock quarry, and that’s just not environmentally sound. SUPER-cool to watch, yes, but not very nice to the planet. Also illegal.

Though we’re not officially saying goodbye just yet (since we’ll be around for a few weeks) we do want to say “THANK YOU!”. We’ve sure had fun and we hope you have too!


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