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Bacon party this sat (april 25th)


What: Bacon party
When: April 25th noonish to midnight
Where: lincoln ne (if you do not know my address leave a comment and I will email it to you)
Why? Dude, Bacon and a keg 🙂

From Theresa:

To celebrate the completion of Steve’s bacon of the month club will are having a bacon party. We saved one package from each shipment and will be cooking them up along with some of Steve’s homemade bacon. Party will be on Saturday April 25th at 1 with the first batch of bacon ready by about 1. We will also have lots of food, desserts and drinks. Bacon will be cooking most of the day, so show up anytime.

Bacon Will be cooked throughout the afternoon
Grill will fire up in the afternoon with burgers (might want to add bacon to that) and weeeeenurs.
I plan on smoking some brisket and pastrami on Friday. Possibly some pulled pork. For some nummy sammiches.
Will have chips and I hear someone is bringing some beans. If you want to bring a side you can, but not necessary at all. There shall be plenty of food.
Theresa will rock some deserts

The link to all my reviews of the bacons that will be offered
a link to a short list
13 premium bacons
Pert near 16 pounds of bacon total
I have no clue how I am going to be cooking that much. I figure the oven will be the best bet.


I will have a full size keg of Miller High Life on CO2 tap. I will have home made carbonated root beer, birch beer, and assorted carbonated kool aid for those who want. Should have enough ice.

Feel free to bring your own beverages if you like. Theresa and I do not have any wine glasses. So if bringing wine you will be drinking it out of a keg cup.

Pinball: Pinbot and the bride of Pinbot will be running in free play all day. (no quarters needed)
Wii with two controllers on the big screen. Figure a lot of Mario Kart and wii sports. (if you have a gaming sys you want to bring for the kitchen thats cool)
I can juggle stuff, do the thing where it looks like your thumb disconnects, and tell innapropriate jokes.
A tread mill if you need to work off the bacon 😉

We have two dogs, Maggie (old fart), and Fuggles (scardy pants). They good puppers. Oh and a cat, KittyThunkle who might try to sneak out so watch that if you can. It is going to be a struggle to keep Thunks out of the food. That should be enough pets for the party 😉

We are just west of Park Middle School and Cooper park. Parking will be on the street. Unfortunately there are no lots near my house. Bikes can be brought into the back yard for safe keeping.

Our house is not the biggest and we are figuring a good amount of folks are going to be coming. If you know someone we know who wants to come and I did not send them an invite let them know. I am a little late getting the invites out. We have a nice front yard and porch. A back patio and a poo free back yard (just planted grass so not the best or biggest for any sports type thing). I will have the garage cleaned up and you can smoke in the garage or anywhere outside. The basement is still full of crap so will not be used. The upstairs bathroom has been uber cleaned and even got a new toilet seat. Our carpet is pretty messed up so no worries about spills. We do not have all that much seating, we are borrowing some chairs and you can bring some foldy ones if you like.

We are pretty excited to show off our newly remodeled kitchen, share some food, drinks, and good times.

Hope to see you

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