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bacon of the month club round 1: J. Samuel Whiting Bacon


It was like xmas when this showed up. The packaging was darn good and two pounds of J. Samuel Whiting Bacon smiled back at me. I had to wait for a special occasion to test it out. Saturday turned out to be a perfect time. It looked pretty awesome and thick. I knew I was gonna be drinking on the beer bus soon so I just did two pieces.

The smell was sweet with a nice smoke aroma, not too much. Cast iron was the only way to go and I slowly cooked it to near crisp. The smoke smell was sweet while cooking. Not much fat rendered out while cooking. It was sticking to my uber seasoned cast iron pan which was odd. I think the sugar and lack of grease caused that.

I paired it with two eggs and some hash browns. It was pretty thick so it was not overly crispy. The flavor was very clean, sweet, with a hint of smoke. It was after taking a bite that the real flavor came out. The aftertaste was awesome. Very impressed.



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