bacon mushroom burger

Basic burger with provolone cheese, portobella mushrooms, and uber bacon (more below). Some crappy corn and T’s bruchetta went very nice with a Heineken.

The Harvest Valley Foods pepper bacon is the best bacon I have ever had. I baked it at 350 in the toaster oven since it was peppered and so thick. Really crisp. It is slightly sweet, really smoky, packed with black pepper, and lean. The smoky flavor had a sweetness to it, but was very pungent. The pepper added a nice burn. Even though I cooked the crap out of it, it was still tender and just melted. T was very surprised at how awesome it was as well. If I can find this in town and not just the farmers market, my search ends here.

harvest family foods pepper bacon

EDIT: it seems that this bacon was picked up for me at the Omaha farmers market. Looks like I need to clean out the freezer. I have contacted them to see if they sell any of it here in Lincoln.

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