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bacon, cheese, corn, and potato soup


So we went to best buy and decided we should pick up something for dinner while we were out. Got to the supermarket and still had no clue what to make. Theresa suggested potato soup and it sounded like a cool thing to make. We have made potato and bacon soup a couple times. Our attempts have been hit and miss. Could not find a smoked ham hock so I decided to pick up some smoked turkey legs. Figured I would try and tweak this one so I put some celery, garlic, onion, peppercorns, bay leaf, and a piece of bacon in the pressure cooker. The broth was intensely flavored.



Peeled and diced these potatoes. boiled for a long time with some milk added to the broth. Dug them out and blended them up.


Some bacon. Two kinds


It was still really flavorful and kind of salty. Asked Theresa if I should throw some corn in there and some cheese. She thought that sounded awesome so in they went.


More potato cubes and slowly cooked it till they were ready. It was the best soup I have ever made. So packed with flavor. Oh man. Going to try that again and again.

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