bacon burger with bacon

So I go home for lunch every day with my lovely life partner and cook up some grub. it is like a mini vacation 🙂 or like having to go to work twice each day 🙁 Usually something simple. So when we have some hamburger I will make a really thin burger in a skillet with salt and pepper. I mean really thin, smooshed paper thin. Strange, but it tastes good. usually in the above 90% range so no fat.

So I had been lucky to enjoy some leftovers and needed to use the beef I had bought. I figured burgers for dinner would be good, but 96% ground beef makes a crappy burger. I wondered what to do. A co worker said to add some sausage. The light in my head went off. Bacon can save the day.

I diced one piece of bacon into tiny little bits and mixed it in to make two burgers, grilled them up, and added a bit of bacon to mine. They came out pretty darn good. T said she could taste the bacony goodness, I could not tell cuz I had bacon on top. but they were definitely juicy and not dry.

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