bacon breakfast sausages


Theresa is more of a sausage girl when it comes to breakfast. She likes farmland pork and bacon brand sausages. I wnted to see if I could come close to them. Got some sheep casings from the 27th and pine lake super saver and some bacon ends and pieces. Ground a pound of bacon and added it to a pound of boston pork butt I had frozen. Some black pepper, cayenne, and paprika to season. Fried up a patty and it was close, but still far away. Pulled out the tender quick which I was scared to use and added some brown sugar. The cure in the tender quick made a huge difference. Stuffed it up, froze them, and peeled off the casing.



They came out pretty darn close. Theresa liked them and said more salt, fat, and sugar would make them even closer to the farmland brand. I wuv her 😉

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