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Bacon and tater soup ideas?

Theresasitia and I have a hankering for some of that there bacon and potaters soup. We got some good ideas and thought maybe, just maybe you could look over our ideas and give advice.

so the cool part is we got a ham hock smoked bone thing from Hollenbeck Farms last time. We are gonna plunk that sucka right in that soup first thing and boil it all up good like then fish it out eventually and carve any hammy bits off that look like they should stick around in the soup partay.
Figuring we would use chicken stock in the soup for sure, so maybe use some chicken stock with a bit of water for boiling the crap out of that there hock thingy.

No damn onions, well maybe a few dehydrated ones, but no real onion will ever pass through the door of my abode. I think we all remember the last time onions were in my house and do not want to repeat that.

Potaters of course. We got a mandoline slicer and can get them into even chunks just fine.

Prob some 1/2 & 1/2, milk, and possibly some table cream.

But how do I thicken it up? Do I pulverize some taters, make a bechamel, or will the taters magicaly thicken it?

Anyways any idears appreciated


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