Awesome weekend


The work thing ruled, still buzzing off that. Got out into my church, wilderness park with my bud Kit. I had not been out in the park since mid August. We took it nice and easy since we both are a bit off our game. Was beautiful out there. All the leaves are down and the trail was packed. Defiantly gonna be getting out there a lot more often now.

Got the message board transfered over. Link on the right.

Theresa took a huge step and let me make her an oriental meal. I figured go easy and do a sesame chicken for her first try. Used this recipe and it was so so. I halved the vinegar, but it was still vinegar you smelled and tasted. She put a little bit of the sauce on her rice and made it through it. I enjoyed it, but it might be a while till I can get it into something she would like.


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