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awesome arcades folks have


A thread that is 37 pages long of folks taking pictures of their arcades lit up. Some folks have some killer setups and tons of games. Lots of converted garages too. I kinda have caught the fever. Will keep my eyes out for arcade games and might do some black light action with awesome carpet.

I have been working on my pinball machines a bunch. Many late nights down in the man cave. Theresa needs a TV on when she goes to bed so I can rock out down there and she does not hear it. I am having a bit of an issue with the vortex ramp on my pinbot. Tried to troubleshoot it last night and replaced a bunch of bulbs and rubbers with a fresh coat of wax. The shining like crazy.

I had some questions on rebuilding my flippers and got some good responses over on the arcade forum. Turns out I had the flipper switches incorrectly set on Bride of Pinbot. I set the end of stroke contacts so they disengaged much later and now the flippers are amazingly strong. It is like a whole new game.

A guy was going out today to look at a pinbot and wanted to know what to look for. I posted some pics and advice and he called me up this morning while he was on the road to check the game out and we talked for a while.

Got a ton of MAME games from a friend and that project will be rolling here pretty soon. A friend who recently built one turned me on to this site where the guy made a modular control panel. That is so cool and I will incorporate something like that for sure. The plan for now is to remove the control panel on my Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters cabinet and replace with a larger one I will build. Then pull the monitor from the cabinet and replace it with a 19 inch CRT I have. Put the computer down in the cabinet and leave all the other guts of the EFTPOFRM game in there so I can easily convert it back later. Or maybe find another cabinet somewhere and mess with that one. Going to be one fun winter for sure.

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