AT&T rolled out 3G in Lincoln and Omaha


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Attention iPhone users — AT&T’s 3G network is now available in Lincoln and Omaha.

The data transmission network was switched on at midnight Tuesday in the two cities and is fully operational.

3G will allow iPhone users and AT&T subscribers with other phones that have browsers to connect to the Internet at DSL speeds, a much faster connection than the “Edge” data transmission system previously in place, said Ben Nguyen of AT&T SouthPointe.

3G also penetrates buildings far better than the previous connection, he said.

The 3G network in eastern Nebraska only covers the major cities, Nguyen said.

“It’s just going to be Lincoln and Omaha,” he said. “When you get out into the smaller places, it’s not going to be there. But it’s going strong in Lincoln.”

it averages 6 X faster than the edge network here at work. Faster than the wireless 🙂

nice little testing website

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