Atkinson peanut butter bars


This is my absolute fave of the candies I picked up at the U-Stop on 10th and centenial mall. It is pretty much a chic-O-stick wrapped in a candy shell. It is a hard candy coating that is airy so it is easy to break through to the peanut butter center candy.

Not till I went to the Atkinson website did I realize that this is the candy I have been looking for over a year now. A lady at the 501 bldg had a bowl of the mini peanut butter bars in a bowl for holloween and I was in love. Asked her where she got them and she forgot where, but thought Walgreen or Walmart. I looked around for them and could not find them. I thought they might be squirrel nut zippers or mary janes, but neither panned out.

I kept trying to get Theresa to try a bite, but she was not interested. Oh well more for me.


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