as if I could make this s%$t up.

on the 1/2 day I took to celebrate my dogs life, I break my right collarbone.
I am 93.33% sure, but believe me something in there is grinding away.
Called the doc (insurance, no emergency for a broken collarbone 🙂 ) he said “yup you broke it, get an X-ray tomorrow and come see me” We talked it through and he just wants to see the X-ray, fit me with a brace, and see whats up.
No emergency, but quite a bummer.

leafy corner in wilderness

I dont believe things come in three’s. Actually my best buddy died yesterday un-expectadly (first dog, 9 years old). And if you have ever seen me giggle when things go wrong, you prob know how this “broke” my sad spell. I giggle to cope with pain. laughing is the best medicine 😉

Giggling and wishing I got to finish wilderness,

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