any oriental dish ideas for a newb?


I tried a sesame chicken on her. Figured go with the simplest and safest first. Used this recipe and it was meh even to me. Lowered the sugar and vinegar but the vinegar was there and was too sweet. She put a little on her rice and ate the chicken plain. She is now frightened to try anything else.

She is not much of a vegetable eater. And strange sauces scare her a bit. She loves garlic, chicken, and rice.

Was thinking about trying an egg roll very heavy on the chicken, but she is a bit afraid of cabbage.

Do any of have any suggestions on something I could look into making that might be safe on her delicate palate?
I have heard some say leave oriental food to the people who make it for ya, but I wanna make it myself and expand our recipe stash.

discussion going on over in the forum

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