another person doing something stupid in Lincoln made the internets

one of vids I made in wilderness a while back. Contains no naked dudes, swears

Fark link which links to article

Sando Dshaw Hamilton, 2415 S. 9th St., was arrested and jailed Wednesday night on suspicion of making a false statement to police and indecent exposure, said Officer Katie Flood.

Hamilton was seen naked in Wilderness Park Monday afternoon. He told police a man with a gun tried to rob him, but he did not have any money, so the robber took all of his clothes.

Flood said Hamilton really took off his clothes because he was hot. He walked around naked for about an hour, but afterward, he could not find his clothes, so police say he made up the story about being robbed.

I am lucky to live just a few furlongs from Wilderness park. It is a great place filled with miles of hiker, biker, and bridal trails. It also is kind of a hook up place for men seeking men.

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