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Anheuser-Busch will now be brewed by those damn frenchies ;)

InBev to buy Anheuser-Busch for $52B

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LAMO

Call me an American hater, but this is so awesome.

I avoid AB products for many different reasons.
* it is so over hyped. It actually is no better than any of the american light lagers out there. They are all lightly hopped adjunct filled beers.
* the whole it is America crap. I am not one to wear a flag pin or purchase a chevy or ford. I am not gonna drink a beer cuz it has flags on the can.
* the amount of advertising money spent to keep on top clearly works, but does not mean their beer is better.
* being a bartender for 10 or so years I wanted to gouge the fricking eyes out of folks when they said bud heavy. My piss has a higher specific gravity than budweiser.
* born on dating is a marketing scam. It is a fricking AB product, it is gonna fly off the shelves. Your beer will be fresh. It is like saying a shasta looses its taste after 2 months in a can. (yes I know American light lagers are so lightly hopped and the taste can degrade over time. We not talking a barley wine here)

I do like that they make an amazingly consistent product and have given lots to the craft brewing industry.

I might actually drink a bud after this. And the market share might drop a bit cuz Joe six pack don’t want to drink that frenchie beer.

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