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Andy Mckee – Africa – Toto / 80’s tunes

this dude is all over the web, but he rules

fingered iffin you have not see him you should. He reminds me of Keller with the intricate playing and sound effects.
Oh and he is covering Toto, hell F yeah!!!!!

Lets keep going on the crappy but still rocking 80’s tunes.

A shout out to a dying kid in CO

18 and life
this song deserved the 18 or so straight weeks at #1 on the afternoon countdown.

Fly To The Angels – Slaughter
this rocked the shit out of my Boston Acoustics speakers

Testament – The Legacy
Dam these dudes ruled. I saw them at the ranch bowl and green jello opened.


Machine Head – Davidian
going deep into some metal here

I met these guys back stage at a slayer concert in KC. I went with “the Animal” from the blaze. SOmeone asked the red headed guy if he was a roadie, he flipped and took off.
Tom Aryia from Slayer is a severely decent guy.

REO Speedwagon – In My Dreams
and I guess some REO (how many times have I posted this vid?)

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