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Andersen 3000 storm door is awesome

After painting the house one thing stood out. The storm doors that came with the house were in pretty bad shape. I had repaired the screens a couple times, but wear over the years had taken a toll. We went shopping for a door and I was a bit bummed to see that the same mech to lower the glass and expose the screen was there. The fingernail breaker style mech was on $250 doors. The door guy at Home Depot approached and I complained about the window mech. He had me step a few feet to the left and showed me the Andersen 3000 series storm doors. There is a nice handle that you squeeze to release and you can slide the window down and a screen rolls out of the top easily with one hand. The fancy door was just $50 more than the ones we were looking at, so it was an easy choice. We ordered one for the front door and waited.

Andersen claims that they are very easy to install. Claiming that normal folk can install it in 45 minutes. It took me a bit longer because I was fiddling with stuff, but it was a darn easy install. And it is a darn fine door. It does not open up as wide as the old one. I guess that is the style these days.



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