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All my jobs 5.1 pizza deliverficationista

So after moving out of my house and doing pretty good at the window tinting place I wanted a few more bucks in my wallet. i searched the want ads and saw Pappa Johns Pizza was hiring staff. I was the 3rd person hired before the store even opened. i helped set the place up and delivered the first day.

This will go down as one of my best jobs ever. imagine doing an eight hour shift but only being at work for maybe 45 minutes of that time. All the rest is in your car with your six CD changer and cruising campus.

The harder you work the more you make. It is all about knowing the streets, places, people, and being fast and ambitious. Group those pies. If there are deliveries to Harper, Schram, and Smith grab them all. Call the students and tell them you will be there in 5 minutes. Figure 10 pies, a buck each tip in 15 minutes and you bank. Sure you might have to take one to Surfside apts, but you drop another off on the way. Bust your ass back and keep on going.

So delivering to frats and sororities is a huge pain. Call them and let them know you will be there in 5 minutes, knock, knock, call, wait, wait, finally some person lets you in and goes and gets Buffy or Butch. Avoid frats at all costs. Easy $80 to $150 a night + wage and mileage, it ruled.

The days that ruled were snow. I had a 4X4 and could go anywhere fast. Peeps tip extra on crappy days. Oh and there is always the possible special delivery. Call it in and you get 30 minutes. Never got a special delivery though. If you need a young man to fulfill your sexual dreams call and order a pizza, please 😉

Oh and the parties, man those were fun. If you chose you could enjoy some refreshments and know where to go after work. Everybody loves the pizza guy. There were many funny deliveries. Porn on the tube, guys hiding the bong, nighties or dudes in skivvies. Dogs, drunks, and the guy who always tips $5. We would fight for those. Let me make one thing really really clear. The pizza guy knows your phone number and where you live. Do not be a dick or not tip. Believe me. On the screen when you order there will be notes. If you rule you will get a good pie and awesome delivery, if you have a negative note, well, lets just say TIP THE PIZZA GUY AND BE NICE ON THE PHONE. it is in your best interest.

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