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All my jobs 3 donut maker / circle food goo filleratron

I helped a friend make dounuts at Daylight Donuts in Bethany for about a year. It is quite an interesting job. you smell like a donut even after scrubbing with turpentine for a few weeks. I worked in the evenings, it was min wage but a bunch of fun. Pure cash and all the donuts I could eat + soda.

So I guess i will fill you in on how fricking gross donuts are.

– The oil was actually shortening, it was solid and you had to carve off hunks and melt them into the fryer many times through the night. We would go through one huge ass block a day.

– the glaze is nothing more than water and powdered sugar. We used a basket like thing that had holes in the bottom. This was in a huge bin and the donuts would be pulled from the oil placed on the rack and covered in glaze.

– Bavarian cream, strawberry filling, and some other fruit type things came in buckets. The white cream was really really gross though. It is W-4 shortening and powdered sugar whipped to a froth. Yup sugar and fat whipped, that is why it tasted so good.

– Frostings were powdered sugar (seeing a trend here?) and mixings. You take the donut out of the oil, wait for it to cool a bit, plop it into the frosting, twist and decorate or put on the rack.

So you have two types of donut, yeast risen and cake. Cake is pretty simple, add water, mix, and use a dropper right into the oil. Raised yeast ones are a bunch of work. All donut flour came in big bags pre-mixed since it was a franchise. Water, mix and yeast. Let it rise, punch it down, let it rise again, then roll it out and start cutting. Put them in the proof box which makes them rise. gotta watch them closely, other wise they can go bad fast by getting to poofy.

– 1st dough. This would be the staple for all donut places, your standard glazed donut. What you figure 2 cents worth of product, almost pure profit. Then donut holes, twists, and knots. Take all the little bits of dough left over and knead it again and let it rise. it is now 2nd dough.

– 2nd dough. Since it has been manhandled and kneaded again it will be a bit tougher and not as poofy. This is where your more sturdy goodies come from. Bismarks, longjohns, and variations of that theme. They are the filled ones. Filling was not too bad. You have a container with a hand lever and a spike with a hole. Stab, squirt, and put on the cooling rack. filled donut holes are awesome. Take leftover bits, knead…… 3rd dough.

– 3rd dough. This is tough stuff, it is where cinnamon rolls come from. Take bits, knead….

– 4th dough. Only one thing is made from 4th dough, apple fritters. Fritters are the loneliest donut, they are made up of all their friends. They are so dense they almost sink in the oil.

7 fricking cavaties during that year of making donuts, and I still smell like a donut.

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