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Dam those stupid uniforms. being a server is almost an art. You gotta be thinking in the proper mindset and not get distracted by the horrific side boob of a large woman at table C7. Multitasking is the name of the game. Got trained by a cocky bastard, took about 10 minutes. The PLU#’s are on the ticket, punch it into the puter, pretend to give a crap and hope you are either busy or get off early.

Your section was determined by the time you came in. “Oh please PLEASE dont put me in the smoking section. Seriously smokers are a whole different breed when it comes to working in a fricking Village Inn. Fricking scroads. Sit there and drink 4 gallons of coffee whick sucking down a pack of the cheapest smokes they sell. Total bill $0.85, no tip (yeah not even the 15 fricking cents change), and my table was occupied for 3 hours. Plus scroads like to be with their own kind, that means a whole fricking section of NTMF’s (Non Tipping Mother Forkers).

Lucky for me I worked the night shift mostly. There was a country bar down the street, when it was 1 AM they would come in in droves. i fricking worked it like a pro. Getting people coffe cups so they could pour their beer in them that they snuck in, little extra things to get a good tip.

Sat and Sun mornings were awesome. You could easily make $100 or pert near it on one good morning shift. Remember I was young, and hungover. This money was fricking awesome. The paychecks were horrible though. See you make $2.13 an hour currently. Don’t even remember what it was back then, then you pay taxes on your tips, min is 8% so you figure out 8.01% and claim that. So you get tiny checks. I used to just get the whole paycheck in quarters, serious. There were times where I would not even get anything checkwise. $0.00 man that sucked.

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