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All my jobs 1. paper boy

So I have had my share of jobs during my years, some have been normal and some pretty cool. I was asked about my food career and strange things involved in it over at, and decided to make a post on it. It gonna be fricking huge and probably go in sections. I promise to make it interesting and let you in on the dirty little secrets of said jobs.

So back in the time of the Journal having an evening paper, I delivered to some apartments, 32 of them. Pretty easy gig, took about 30 minutes. This was when you had to collect the money yourself, that sucked. But it kept me in candy and video games.

I used my bike for a while, then I started skateboarding. i would skate down the halls, was fun. Best part was how I would fold the papers. i would fold them as small as I could, it must of been horrible for the sucka’s who had me deliver to them. MWAHAHAHAHAHHhh.

So I did the football games a few times as well. They give you 25 or so papers and you stand near the stadium and try to sell them. “hey you in the red, buy a paper”. The trick was to go to a paper machine, spend 35 cents, grab all the papers and when you turn them in you get to keep the extra money. Tricky mwahahahahahaha…….

Some guy gifted me a ticket one sat morning, prob thought he was making my dreams come true. “Geeee tanks mistur” I sold it for face value a few minutes later, mwaahahhahaha…..

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