afternoon random crap

Hello to those of you who figured out that I work with you. I like indoor cats, not the ones who muck up my neighborhood. Here is a link for ya.

Srry but wrestling is kinda creepy any way.
Like you know in pulp fiction where Maynard is watching Zed stick it to Marcellus Wallace and he has the “get em” strange look on his face? Well that pretty much sums up what I think about wrestling coaches. I know it is a very hard (he he) sport, and I will understand if I get beat up for posting this. I respect ya, just it does seem a little gay.

jump the tour de France dude


Bride freaks out before wedding and cuts her hair off.

I love to see people and kids cry, but I just feel bad for this lady, so I had to share it 😉

poor little deer gets saved by hellicopter

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