after a year mootsiepoo goes in for her first tuneup

She is over a year old and her cables have stretched a bit. Her rims are a bit out of whack as well. Only around 850 miles on it. Two broken collarbones, overtime at work, and sheer laziness kept the total down.

I am capable of working on the bike, but when it comes to derailleurs I leave it to the pro’s. I run dura ace barend shifters that can switch between indexed (clicks into gear) and friction. I had rolled the barrel a bit, but it eventually got out of whack. Nate down at MWC gonna show her some love.

EDIT: Nate trued the wheels, cleaned the bike, lubed my brake levers, adjusted my brake pads, tightened everything down (no more creaking cranks), and replaced my rear dir cable. Thing feels really tight and shifts like butter. MWC RULEZZZZZ!!!!!!

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