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a weeks worth of food


We have 5 dinners planned. Tomato chicken cream pasta, blackened chicken salad, mac and cheese (not the kraft), hamburgers, And spaghetti in a meat sauce.
The rest is munchies, fruit, sweet makings, and stuff to make doggie and kitty soup (a month or more worth).

There are not too many manufactured foods. Carmel rolls (I might eat one, but she loves them), Bologna, Doritos, salad dressings we want to try to get ideas from to make our own, tortillas, hamburger buns, Kraft mac and cheese (her lunch), and a rice pilaf box to give us ideas for our own pilaf. All the rest is raw ingredients and we try to make every thing from scratch. I did not tell Theresa about our plan to photo it till the ride home. She thought it was a cool idea.

Total was $135

multiple good dressings, chocolate, coffee, fancy cheeses, beer, and there is a pile of meat there which goes to us and leavings to pet food. We usually use bulk meat from sams for pet food (have not been there for a while). Those items were the bulk of the price. We had not been shopping for a long time and lots of it will last for well beyong the upcoming week.

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