a severely enjoyable 1/2 day off


Got a broke off chunk of toof replaced by dental dude stuff. I did not have lunch cuz I was all cited to have something I do not normally have cuz I normally eat with Theresa, but forgot I was gonna be numb. So I picked up some baby back ribs to slow cook / smoke so when my mouth was able to eat it could eat something good.
I turn the left side on with the right side off to slowly cook and burned some wood chips to smoke. They took 4 hours and the 1/2 I ate was amazing. I rubbed them with Misty’s seasoning and some Famous daves rub. Delicious.

Such a nice day I decided to rake my front yard.



worked out well.

Theresa was surprised to see that Fuggles and maggie were contained by my doggie gate 2000. I was as well.


Let fuggles play with her sister who lives across the street for a while.

they look so different it is amazing.

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