a random act of kindness was so welcome after a days of sad news


For years now my neighbors snow blow their sidewalks and skip my 15-25 feet of sidewalk. I have no problem scooping, heck it is my duty and I take pride in doing it. It just bewilders me that just 1 minute of walking down my section to clear the snow is too much to ask from my neighbor folk. We talking right to the property line here folks. Often if I beat others to the scooping I will do their areas as well. That is just being a good neighbor right?

To be fair one neighbor has hit my section a few times. But that is because his son comes over and does it and we are friends with that person. Heck he even cleared my alley driveway a few times.

This time I think it might of been the new owner of the run down properties on my block cuz it went past those properties as well. If I had a snowblower I would just run around the neighborhood blowing everything I could find. Uber man toys rule.

Oh and I actually have a snow shovel now. I have been using a elephant poop picker upper for the last 8 years. Got two snow shovels from Theresa’s grandparents estate auction earlier this year. Wow they work really awesome.


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