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I asked our police Chief about the smocks folks wear in their mug shots they show on LJS news articles.

In the mug shots they show in the LJS it seems they are all being taken with the folks wearing an apron covering their clothes. Is that just to eliminate their clothing causing a situation where the internets pick up the picture and spread it all over?

Quite the cool answer.


The use of a standard smock minimizes exposure problems, and provides a uniform clothing appearance that is helpful in creating a photo ID spread that does not emphasize differences in clothing. Very light or very dark clothing can be a bit problematic for auto-exposure systems, particularly when these values change dramatically from shot-to-shot, necessitating exposure compensation or resulting in varying depth-of-field, ISO settings, hotspots, and the like. A smock eliminates at least one of the variables. The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Image Group has been publishing some best practices recommendations on mugshot systems, and I think as time goes by you’ll see more and more agencies using a smock to reduce differentiation in clothing and exposure.

It sure is nice to have such a savvy leader in the department.
Thanks for what you do Cheif.

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