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a day that never was

So iffin you follow this there site you might have read about how messed my past few weeks of work have been. I have been working some normal hours, but stuff is nothing like it has been. We are now very restricted in what we can do, with very understandable reasons. Well last Friday I just kinda flipped out. Super simple things cannot be done. I gave up and bottled my stress.

Now iffin you know me I am a severely happy go lucky kind of guy. Seriously I have zero stress, I am severely not accustomed to it. Life has been good for a really long time. Friday I freaked out about nothing, only T witnessed it (was work related and I shared it with her). So I get home, vent, then realize my washer was not fixed. I messed with it for hours and really felt like smashing something. I never get that way. A good night with friends and some bacon and it was all good.

Today at work there was a project that was thrust upon us, and well I did not get out of there till 9:30, but it all went really well and I was stoked. It was a major hurdle which pretty much negated the thing that stressed me out last week. All good.

So I come home, kick it with T, and have a drink. Now here comes my dealing technique. I enjoy a brew or two and watch music vids of my favs and then post them. So if you see me post vids you know my day has not gone very well, but I am soothed by groovy tunes and go to bed happy.

Keller Williams A day that never was

Truckstop honeymoon Johnny and June

ween birthday boy

Truckstop Honeymoon – No Sight of the Sun

nothing soothes me like SLR
Split Lip Rayfield – Red Neck Tailgate Dream @ Wakarusa

Super stoked the SLR live at the Coalition DVD is on its way to my mail box right now.

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