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7 graduate from drug court. Way to go

LJS article

If Iles and Guilliatt are like most drug court graduates, the likelihood for lasting change is promising. According to 2007 numbers, only 17 percent of graduates were convicted of felonies in the three years after graduation. That compares to a national recidivism rate of 47 percent.

Guilliatt’s advice to others in the program: “Take it one day at a time. One minute at a time if you need to. And take advantage of the resources.”

Merritt, who volunteers to serve for drug court along with District Judge Karen Flowers, told the graduates they had completed a difficult task.

Drug court participants are subject to frequent drug tests, must complete substance abuse treatment, meet with drug court staff regularly, maintain employment or complete education goals.

I am absolutely fascinated with drug courts. Every class where I had to do papers or speeches in college I would do one on mandatory minimums and drug courts. My sociology class involved a huge paper at the end where we had to have an interview with someone involved in the subject. I met with one of the main drug court guys and it was really cool. He used to be on the drug task force for the state patrol and now helps folks make it through drug court.

FYI: This is not a waste of taxpayer money. Participants must pay for their treatment and as stated in the article many of the folk volunteer.

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